We provide next-gen visually stunning and immersive metaverse platform by integrating with the NFT marketplace that facilitates networking, conducting social and entertainment elements in the metaverse.


We offer METAVERSE ENABLEMENT SOLUTION and Pyramid to connect both Physical and Metaverse World





Full Interoperability


With the team of professional blockchain expert and architect in Chef Digital, we create an accelerator to:

• Help companies to modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stayahead in a fast-changing world
• Support developers building decentralized apps

Deeper Engagement and Collaborative Support
Fast Track and Momentum Keeping
Gain Early Access to New Markets or Verticals

I. NFT Projects

BUsiness Opportunities empowered by NFT

  • NFT Mystery Box
  • NFT Minting Platform
  • NFT Blockchain Distributing Platform
  • NFT Blockchain Storage Platform
  • Turnkey Crypto Wallet Dongle


NFT Wallets

Social Connection Tool

NFT Marketplaces

NFT Wallets

Social Connection Tool

Types of NFT

Collectible Items (Avatars, Profile Pictures, etc.)
Virtual Land
Game Items
Amino Lens
Art (Digital Art or Physical Art)
Sport Moments
Media and music
Domain Names
Physical World Assets
  • Collectible Items (avatars, Profile Pictures, Etc.)
  • Virtual Land
  • Memes
  • Game Items
  • Amino Lens
  • Art (Digital Art Or Physical Art)
  • Sport Moments
  • Media And Music
  • Domain Names
  • Physical World Assets

II. The Meta Platform

Equipped with what you can and cannot think of

With our Meta Platform, you can cover all kinds of event in fun and immersive way!

We offer a complete suite of immersive, engaging and feature-aided events instantaneously customizable with Virtual Spaces, NFT characters and NFT elements. The multiple Virtual Spaces featured on the metaverse platform can be customized for events and are packed with features that enable easy organization, management and interaction at the same time.

Your own NFT Avatar and Virtual Spaces!

Networking lounge

Business Matching Opportunities

So much more!

– Event Ticketing
– Advertisement
– Live Webinar
– Video On Demand
– 3D Exhibit Booths
– Video Calls and Text Messages
– Secure eCommerce
– Gamification and Rewards

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